jblum (jblum) wrote,

...that moment when you realise a sequence you'd written separately had never been pasted into your main file, and so your draft is 71,500 words long, not 68,000.

...Um, Xanna? What's the actual target length range again? It's gonna shrink in the rewrites, but even 65K seems like a distant memory now...

(ETA: They're not worried. Whew. No need to gut it. Still, this is a classic "Sorry about writing such a long book, we didn't have time time to write a short one" moment...)

Anyway, here's the plan at this point. Normally we finish the first draft, immediately have a read-through with some of our friends, and then spend a month rewriting to fix the inevitable problems which we find when viewing the book as a whole. But because getting the book up to this point took a couple of weeks more than originally planned -- partly because it came out significantly longer, partly because the day-job crunches took up more than their fair share of time -- we now have a bit less than three weeks till they want the finished manuscript. And because of peoples' availability (not least, mine), we've had to push the read-through off to next weekend, not this one. So we'll have a bit more than a week to fix whatever issues we can find on our own, and then about another week to fix anything our readers find. Ulp.

If it's any consolation, we know there enough things wrong with this draft that we'll have plenty to do before the read-through... hopefully we'll fix the big issues before anyone ever sees them!
Tags: blakes 7, mediasphere
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