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One more fricking scene to fill in for the sample script, but it's the big dramatic confrontation before the all-action climax. The real strain here is keeping it from turning into duelling speeches... and to make sure that it's actually convincing that Darius would have made the choices he did both before and after it.

Just a passing thought, after this morning's episode of K9 on Network Ten? The Sarah Jane Adventures is a show where an alien kidnaps and brainzaps people because she really wants them to be friends with her, and has to be taught that that's not what real friendship is.

K9 is a show where the government stirs up anti-alien paranoia for social control, and stages a fake terrorist attack on the London Eye in order to show how efficiently they protect the public from those nasty dissidents.

I'm really glad the kids in the audience are getting both kinds of education. :-)

(And I want it known that I really did enjoy SJA's "The Madwoman In The Attic" as described above, and know that K9 can do the softer group-huggy storylines too... but I'm glad they've clearly each got their own approach.)

Oh, and in other K9 news? It's getting a terrestrial UK airing in the autumn... on Five. With repeats on Five+1 and Fiver (which is Five's equivalent of BBC3). Shame the BBC didn't pick it up for terrestrial showings, but then they've just spent their cash on two seasons of Sarah Jane, I suppose!

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