jblum (jblum) wrote,

...I am so not ready for Lis Sladen to have died.

Nicholas Courtney wasn't a shock; he'd been ill for a long time, and he'd been a grand old man for decades. But Sarah Jane? Gone? My inner child is just reeling. I haven't felt a burst of actual full-on grief at a celebrity death like this since... since we lost Jim Henson.

Fortunately the cats climbed into bed for a cuddle after Kate woke me up with the news.

One part of my mind is trying to deal with this like a grown-up -- thinking about the Sarah Jane Adventures cast and crew; how are they coping? Surely they must have known? Will they try to finish the half-finished fifth series with guest shots from Katy Manning, or is this it? -- while the rest of me has just curled up and felt the loss. Not just of a big chunk of my childhood (and adulthood), but a real person who I met a number of times at conventions. Lis was a genuine trouper, and I simply can't get my head around her not being there.

Goodbye, Sarah Jane. I won't forget you, you know.
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